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Fall morning T rides in Boston are typically full of scarves, tweed jackets, textured stockings and no shortage of leather satchels. They are less typically filled with chatter, as people attempt to wake up before 8am meetings. But one woman on my train didn't refrain from complimenting a man for vintage-looking good looks. Here’s a snapshot and sound bite from a recent encounter during a work commute:

“Nice bag!”

“I’m sorry?”

“I like your leather bag: It’s really classic. Where did you get it?”

“I wish I had a cooler answer – I actually found in J.Crew. I had them show me how to use the shoulder strap. I liked that it was a little bit different. It felt old, even though it’s really new.”

“Yea, I see that.”

“I had a really expensive bag before, but to be honest it fell apart, and now I’ve had this one and it’s going strong. I looked into these guys, too, the designers, and they sell a lot of nice things.”

They do sell a lot of nice things… Including his leather schoolboy satchel  (available at J.Crew but customizable – and also available in black – through Billykirk).
Thanks to Anthony, who works in Copley Square, for letting me capture him on his way to work. Here are a couple of other items he mentioned to add to your Billykirk wish list: