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Tex Wax Refinishing Wax By Carr Textile

We have been selling waxed gear for over 10 years now and have also enjoyed re-waxing or re-proofing many of those items. If you appreciate the many benefits of this incredible material re-waxing them is simply part of life and is really no different than "seasoning" your leather boots for the fall and winter months. This process should not be daunting but you do need to be like a Boy Scout and get prepared first.

Below is a quick outline of the steps necessary to properly pull off the perfect re-waxing.

  • Make sure the room you'll be working in is warm or if you're doing it outside make sure it's a hot, sunny day.
  • Clean the bag as best you can with ice cold water and a sponge - don't use soaps or abrasive scrub pads.
  • Hang your bag up to dry and prepare your work area.
  • Open the tin of Tex Wax and stand it in hot water until it appears clear. We recommend placing the open wax tin in a metal cup an then in a small pot of hot water.
  • Once clear and pliable place the tin of wax on something heat resistant.
  • Using pieces of a cloth or your fingers simply work the wax into the bag. Use short circular strokes to work the wax into the material. Be sure to wipe away any excess.
  • Try to keep the color of the bag consistent and quickly blend any dark patches that appear as you apply the wax. Pay close attention to seams, creases and areas of heavy use.
  • Use a hair dryer or heat gun to smooth out the application of the wax
  • Hang the bag to dry overnight.
  • You may want to use a hair dryer again if the dried finish is not even.

*We use Tex Wax brand and find it to be easy to work with and it does not contain the caustic paraffin smells than many of them have.

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