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The Billykirk Studio first flipped on its lights in 2001 on a quiet street in downtown LA. The small space was filled with leather tooling and prototypes, and in less than two months sketches covered the room like wallpaper. It was a testing ground, factory, and office in one room.

In 2005, when the Bray Bros. moved from LA to Jersey City, they knew a bigger studio was in order.

Opened in 2006 and expanded in 2011, the JC Studio isn't very different from the LA space. It's full of old, heavy tools, weird nick-nacks, and the perfume of fresh leather. Here we handmake all custom orders, from sewing to monogramming. We hash out new ideas, create samples, and find solutions to unforeseen problems. It's a place equally equipped for the physical and conceptual creation of designs.