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No. 495 Camera Strap, Natural

For generations, photographers have been shining light on places, cultures, and moments many of us may never witness. Dorthea Lange, Russell Lee, and Gordon Parks are a few among many who traveled across the United States capturing glimpses into the lives of others.

Photojournalists like them were the inspiration for the No. 495 Camera Strap. Reliable, durable, and uncomplicated, we wanted to create a strap as utilitarian the folks who motivated it. Professional photographer and honorary Billykirk family member, Tatsuro Nishimura, spent the better half of a year testing the strap to ensure it's up to professional snuff. With his notes and months of development, we couldn't be more excited about this piece. 

We designed the 495 to last a lifetime, using American leather and the strongest hardware available. The leather may feel a little stiff at first, but like a good pair of jeans it will wear in with use.

Included Hardware:

13.5mm Triangle Split Rings (2)

15mm Round Split Rings (2)

Leather: American Hide, Vegetable Tanned

Leather Weight: 6-7 oz

Strap Length: 36 1/2" - 46 1/2"

Made in America