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Originally known as Lew Manufacturing Co., Garland was founded in 1927 by Louis Lanoie. A major player in the design and development of the writing instruments we know and love today, Garlands' products are still made in the same Rhode Island factory Lew Manufacturing founded.

Their products have a long American history, including being on most Apollo missions after 1968 and many of the Space Shuttle missions. While the Fisher Space Pen receives the most attention, the Garland 35-P mechanical pencil is generally considered the most heavily used writing instrument on the Apollo missions. Thirty-three were listed in the stowage of Apollo flights, with approximately twelve landing on the lunar surface. One was lost through the command module hatch during the Apollo 16 trans-Earth EVA, likely still floating through the void...

The No. 422 Billykirk Pen also comes with the No. 134 Sketchbook Holder and No. 404 Memo Holder