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Customer Reviews

Phillip Oct. 26, 2021

No. 303 Standard Issue Large Pouch

"Perfect for what I needed it for, keeping track of my oddball key harmonicas. Perfect size and color. Not to mention it goes well with my Billy Kirk wallet."

Roger Nov. 29, 2021

"Billykirk bags are the best and they're guaranteed random compliment generators"

Jesse Aug. 3, 2021

No. 521 Leather Tool Bag

"This bag looks and feels better in person. Definitely heirloom quality. I am a chef and I use this bag to carry my canvas knife roll, anything I'll need for service, my wallet, keys, etc. A great addition to my edc."

Robin Nov. 27, 2021

"Amazing craftsmanship. Loved the way my bag was packaged. Much appreciate the 2 blue coasters that were included as a special gift."

Brandon May. 5, 2021

No. 471 Large Leather Tray

"Perfect size, great price, adds a touch of class to my clutter!"

Nikki Oct. 30, 2021

"BK items are truly outstanding; they have the highest quality leather I've ever seen, and having this shop was a dream come true. The best for all occasions, their quality will never let you down. You'll be proud to present your bk gift to your loved ones."