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Happy customers: Satisfied by Billykirk bags this holiday season

Happy customers: Satisfied by Billykirk bags this holiday season

We’re lucky to have some of our loyal customers share Billykirk leather and canvas bags as gifts, and even luckier to hear from the recipients who are wearing their new items with pride. Here are just a couple of holiday Tweets we’ve received– plus a collection of three testimonials delivered to us earlier this year in the span of two days.

Chris, got the bag yesterday:) I love it!! Thanks again for everything.
Have a great day,

(Kathryn received our No. 164 Olive Waxed Small Carryall, below)

Dear Chris,
Thank you so very much.  The carryall arrived yesterday; it is absolutely perfect.  My six-month search for the bag to meet my needs has ended.  Hooray. Your personal attention is unmatched.  I will be a devoted member of the Billykirk family!

(Susan bought our No. 164 Sienna Waxed Small Carryall, no longer in stock but pictured below)

Chris, I just received the olive bag, it’s beautiful and perfect, and thank you for such a speedy process.

(Beatrix is the proud owner of our No. 165 Olive Waxed Medium Carryall, below)
We're thankful for all of our customers and advocates!

Billykirk Worn in: Photos of a well-aged leather wallet

Billykirk Worn in: Photos of a well-aged leather wallet

We design our leather bags, card cases and other items for men and women to wear them well and watch them improve with age. It's always  nice when Billykirk buyers send us pictures of their worn-in merchandise, and we couldn't have asked for nicer shots than the ones of the No.155 leather wallet we received from customer and photographer Scott Rounds. We met up with Scott at last weekend's Pop Up Flea menswear event. He shared how his wallet gets better over time.
My mom bought me this wallet for Christmas in 2008. It started life with me in the natural finish, and within just a couple months had already taken on a nice brown hue, along with some polish from going in and out of my pocket. Early in 2009, I took a job as a bicycle mechanic, which I would end up doing for that entire year. After that, I managed to get on my feet as a photographer, which is what I'm still doing now. I also ride, race and wrench on motorcycles, all of which has made my wallet look the way it does after 5 years of use.
The wallet has been in my back pocket every single day since then, traveling through more than a dozen states and probably at least 4 countries. It's been with me to the hospital, it's seen a couple run-ins with the cops. It has been to the motorcycle races, and sunny days on a blanket in the park. There isn't any other single thing that I've handled and used every day for five years.
Scott Rounds
This  particular item was a collaboration with the now defunct bicycle manufacture, Freeman Transport.  (You can see "Freeman" faintly embossed across the closing strap.) But we've still got plenty of the No. 155 card cases with flaps in stock, as well as bi-fold card cases, snap trucker wallets , zip wallets and more.

Seen (& heard) in Boston: Leather satchels for a stylish commute

Seen (& heard) in Boston: Leather satchels for a stylish commute

Fall morning T rides in Boston are typically full of scarves, tweed jackets, textured stockings and no shortage of leather satchels. They are less typically filled with chatter, as people attempt to wake up before 8am meetings. But one woman on my train didn't refrain from complimenting a man for vintage-looking good looks. Here’s a snapshot and sound bite from a recent encounter during a work commute:

“Nice bag!”

“I’m sorry?”

“I like your leather bag: It’s really classic. Where did you get it?”

“I wish I had a cooler answer – I actually found in J.Crew. I had them show me how to use the shoulder strap. I liked that it was a little bit different. It felt old, even though it’s really new.”

“Yea, I see that.”

“I had a really expensive bag before, but to be honest it fell apart, and now I’ve had this one and it’s going strong. I looked into these guys, too, the designers, and they sell a lot of nice things.”

They do sell a lot of nice things… Including his leather schoolboy satchel  (available at J.Crew but customizable – and also available in black – through Billykirk).
Thanks to Anthony, who works in Copley Square, for letting me capture him on his way to work. Here are a couple of other items he mentioned to add to your Billykirk wish list:

A 'handsome' belt pouch that marries tech with the timeless

A 'handsome' belt pouch that marries tech with the timeless

Disclaimer: What follows is perhaps not so much a testimonial as it is a quote that rings true for us daily as we drop Powerbooks, iPods or cameras into their proper Billykirk pouch or satchel. Still, this customer enjoys his No. 90 belt pouch for the very reason we create it.

"Your work is very handsome. I like the seemingly ancient and future connection between Amish traditions and the oncoming technological world."
Cincinnati, Oh

Mixing high-tech gadgetry with age-old leather making techniques and hand-stitched details is one of the characteristics that embodies what is Billykirk.

When we were designing one of our earliest iPod cases around 10 years ago, this customer quote could have well been the driving force behind our work. After all, our Amish manufacturers probably have no idea what a phonograph is let alone an iPod. When we visit them with new designs, it's interesting to see their reactions. Having them make cell phone and camera holders for us, gadgets they are not allowed to use, is strangely obscene in a way.

We're glad that Jack is enjoying this pouch for contemporary toys that gives a nod to timeless craftsmanship.

Be sure to check out some of our other handmade leather goods for your highly manufactured gadgets, including our laptop folios and iPad sleeves.

Attempted Mugging Thwarted by Billykirk Bag

Attempted Mugging Thwarted by Billykirk Bag

Can your bag survive an attempted mugging? Customer Michelle Hay says Billykirk's leather satchel did. Read why she wears it proudly.

Dear Billykirk,

Wanted to pop a quick note to you in appreciation of your quality product. I was mugged in Paris by some rather vigorous street urchins but (much to their chagrin) they were unable to break the strap of my Billykirk, and trust me they tried.  I have a No.95 Satchel. Your bag saved me!

Thank you,

Michelle Hay
Licensed Acupuncturist
& Chinese Herbalist